Melissa Lynett Federspiel, FNP-BC


Melissa Lynett Federspiel, FNP-BC – Family Medicine Primary Care Portland – 5736 NE Glisan St Portland (Inside New Heights Physical Therapy)


Melissa Federspiel received her training as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Boston College in 2003. And relocated to Portland Oregon in 2003. Also she spent many years working in community health in the city. In addition, she was with Kaiser unitl 2016. Hence, she has performed over a decade of primary care in the Portland Community. And she has experience in family medicine, primary care, addiction, mental health, chronic disease management, acute and urgency care. Melissa Lynett Federspiel is looking forward to joining the team at Merritt Health and Wellness. And Melissa hopes to build trusting relationships with her patients to help them achieve their most optimal health. Hence, she believes in taking the time to listen and get to know her patients. Also she finds a collaborative approach with patients and their other care providers works best. In her free time, Melissa and her husband stay busy with their 2 young kids. You can often find her running on the streets or trails of Portland. Look under the FAQs tab to see a comprehensive list of insurances in which we are contracted as well as other useful info


Nurse Practitioners are a health partner of choice for millions of patients. NPs are clinicians that blend knowledge in diagnosing and treating health issues. Also NPs focus on disease prevention and health management. NPs bring a comprehensive perspective to health care.


All NPs must complete a master’s degree program. And have clinical training beyond their nurse schooling. Clinical courses prepare nurses with knowledge to practice primary care, acute and long term health care settings.


A primary care provider (PCP) is a health care practitioner. PCPs see people that have common health problems. Also a primary care provider may be a doctor or a nurse practitioner. Also primary care providers are involved in health care for a long time. Hence, it is important to choose someone with whom you will work well. A PCP is your main health care provider in non emergency situations. Hence, PCP’s role is to:

Provide preventive care and teach healthy lifestyle choices.
Also identify and treat common medical conditions.
And assess the urgency of your medical problems and direct you to the best place for that care.
And make referrals to medical specialists when necessary.

Also primary care is most often provided in an outpatient setting. Also PCPs assist in care with hospital admissions. Hence, having a PCP can give you a trusting, ongoing care team with one provider over time. We like doing primary care for our patients!


Staying healthy and living a long life starts with preventive healthcare. Also preventive healthcare can help you avoid illness. And detect problems before you notice any symptoms helping you stay healthy. Preventive Care Guidelines includes info from the USPSTF. USPSTF includes an A rating (meaning a high chance of benefit to you is substantial). Also the Affordable Care Ace (ACA) covers a B rating (high chance of moderate benefit). First of all, under the ACA new health plans since September 23, 2010 cover this preventive care. Preventive care is practiced by our staff to keep patients healthy. Preventive health has a focus on the care of patients, neighbors, and defined cities. Its goal is to protect, promote, and maintain health. Also maintain well being and to prevent disease and death.