LGBTQ Healthcare Transgender Medicine – Kelly Washburn, NP


LGBTQ Healthcare Transgender Medicine – Kelly Washburn, NP

LGBTQ Healthcare

The Merritt Health and Wellness staff is dedicated to supporting access to high quality, affirming and welcoming health care for trans women, trans men, gender nonconforming and non-binary individuals. Our program recognizes the unique health care needs of people with diverse gender expressions and identities. Kelly Washburn, NP provides direct medical care as well as consultation, education, advocacy and support to promote competent care for transgender people.

“Transgender is the term associated with the people whose gender identity does not match with what they have been assigned during the birth.”

Transgender people never accept the gender given to them at the time of birth. They have the feeling to identify as some other gender or towards none. Currently millions of transgender people exist in our society and all they need is a warm acceptance from all of us.

In a world where childbirth is categorised as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’, there exist a certain community of people who disown this identification. More often they show an inclination towards the opposite sex. Also, there exists a certain group who feel an inclination towards both the sexes and some feel nothing. To be true, it is a whole network of emotions, feelings and romantic attractions that define the true sex of the person. Gender and sex are two different terms where gender means the birth identity and sex means the cultural expectations from the society.

We aim towards providing the best of the facilities and rights for the LGBTQ community. Focusing on this community of people many healthcare facilities are working hard and LGBTQ healthcare is growing rapidly. LGBTQ stands for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer population.

Role of Physical LGBTQ Healthcare

LGBTQ community faces too many hesitation and restriction in accessing quality and reliable healthcare facilities. They do not feel comfortable accessing the medical facilities available for normal gender accepted people. At this instance, too many factors work together and affect their behaviour and lifestyle. This hesitation is enough reason for the development of LGBTQ healthcare. Not just physical health, mental health also plays a crucial role in shaping a person’s life. Thus the need for LGBTQ healthcare is prime at present.

People from the LGBTQ community often deter to take the benefits of healthcare facilities or resources available. Particularly, the concern about societal stigma, privacy and safety restrict them from accessing the healthcare provisions. Unlike earlier, now breaking the barriers of these thoughts and restrictions, in a modern world more improvised and patient-oriented LGBTQ healthcare is making its place.

Functions of LGBTQ Healthcare
LGBTQ friendly healthcare focuses on generating a caring environment where acceptance is at its best. The transgender doctor understands that these people belong to diverse sexual orientation, thus treat them extremely friendly.
Specialized doctors treat them without any disparity that increases in them the feeling of security.
Such healthcare has specialist providers who treat the patient effectively. From treating transgender hormones to HIV issues, these specialized LGBTQ healthcare centers offer complete healthcare solutions.
LGBTQ people are often involved in drugs and various other kinds of bad habits. It is necessary to get them out of this situation. At such a healthcare centre they receive good treatment.

LGBTQ clinic is not only important to treat the patient’s physical conditions. LGBTQ community goes through a myriad of emotions and stress level that eventually develop negativity in them. To beat the odd feeling and infuse a sense of acceptance and confidence, there is a need for trans medicine for mental health treatment too.

Role of Mental Health in LGBTQ Healthcare

Just like physical health mental health too is equally important to maintain a healthy balance in life. In the LGBTQ community, maintaining a positive mental health is a tough job. They too can experience severe mental challenges and distress levels.  Stress, depression and anxiety are a few very common mental health conditions people from the LGBTQ community usually go through. Specifically, the experiences of direct or indirect categorization or discrimination haunt them continuously. Why this disparity exist none can say clearly but surely the stigma and prejudice contribute to such thoughts. No matter how well the current society is treating these people, certain disparity always exists. Now, is the time to provide the best trans health to such people.

LGBTQ healthcare helps them in reviving their life and boost their mental alertness. Studies have shown that approximately 60% of the LGBTQ community people goes through depression and approximately 35% deals with anxiety disorder. Undoubtedly, these numbers show they pass through so many difficulties and it is the responsibility of all citizens around to help them overcome these mental issues.

To boost transgender health now our clinic gives them a platform to assure their physical and mental health. Although to help them always there exist good and reliable transgender doctor, society plays a very crucial role in shaping their identity. It is very important for people around to understand them and behave benevolently assuring respect and love.

Role of Society in Developing a Happy LGBTQ Community

Because we have learned about the importance of LGBTQ healthcare and how they are improving to understand their healthcare needs. It is a very direct and serious question that put emphasis on the identity of an individual. It is high time the society accepts them and behave politely embracing their gender identity.

The foremost attitude a member from LGBTQ community expects from the society is RESPECT. So we should always be respectful towards their identity. Certainly ask them about the pronoun they would like to refer to and feel comfortable with. But keep in mind, never ask about their birth name, identity or about the transgender medicine.
Next comes the SUPPORT. Because LGBTQ community members seek support and acceptance from the societyy a good way to help this is to become a good listener. Further, follow it asking for direct help and support. Once the feeling of acceptance and love generates in nothing can stop from developing a healthy and happy LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ healthcare is striving to develop fair and open opportunities for people of all communities. With a viewpoint to embracing diversities and bringing a good health, we all should move ahead.

MHW Staff and Schedule – Kelly Washburn, NP

Kelly Washburn, NP is our LGBTQ and Transgender medicine expert. Because she has worked with many Trans and LGBTQ patients over the years Mrs. Washburn can be an ally. She looks forward to helping LGBTQ patients explore their health goals.

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