Insurance Updates & Family Care Possibly Closing 1/1/18

To our Family Care patients,

We want you to know we are doing our best and moving as fast as possibly on this.

From what we understand, Family Care has announced its closure January 1st.

For those of you who have FC it means you will be reassigned to Health Share/Care Oregon. MHW has contacted the Health Share/Care Oregon plan but the contracting timeline can take between 1-3 months.

Until then, to bridge your care let us know if you need medication refills or the such. Once we are deemed providers with Health Share/Care Oregon we will let you know via email.

And to all of our Individuals who must buy their own health plan on the marketplace we have found that Private Clinics, no matter physician or NP, have been excluded from most options. We just heard about this in the last month. Since then Seth Merritt has much with the Oregon Nurses Association and Nurse Practitioners of Oregon organizations, has contacted many Independent Practice Associations, and become affiliated with both Legacy Health Network and Adventist.

In the coming months MHW should be deemed in network for the Pacific Source Legacy Health Network and the MODA Beacon Plan. We will announce once it is official through email.

Overall we are still on most insurance plans…..

We are all in this together and MHW is working as quickly as possible to secure these insurance contracts!

We hope you all have a wonder winter full of good health.

– The MHW Team