Diabetes Weight Loss-Connection, Causes and Prevention


Many of us know about the term ‘Diabetes’, but very few have the complete knowledge of this disease. As a patient catches this disease, they put in all effort to control it. Also, they keep checking on how to take insulin and manage their blood sugar level. But on the deeper part, they lack correct information on what this disease is all about. One must know how to control it, what are the methods to balance it and the diabetes weight loss importance. This short piece of article is just dedicated to encountering you with all the information regarding the deadly disease.

‘Diabetes’, is a term that denotes the high level of blood sugar in the body. After diabetes diagnosis, it is very important to immediately visit an endocrinologist to receive the best healthcare management.

Diabetes is a chronic disease and never goes away after diagnosis. The right treatment is the only method to fight it. Diabetes means an elevated level of glucose in the blood and it is necessary to understand it’s types and the causes. A patient must have the right information to fight this disease.

Types of Diabetes


Type1 Diabetes

Body’s auto-immune system is the cause of Diabetes. Due to some genetic factors or environmental triggers, the body’s immune system starts producing antibodies. These antibodies disturb the functioning of insulin. When the function of insulin (pancreatic juice) is disturbed this disease finally occur. The function of insulin is to balance the glucose level of the body but the presence of antibodies hamper its function. This state leaves the body with an increased sugar level. In this condition, the patient suffers from sudden weight loss,  frequent urination, hunger and thirst.

With time, the formation of insulin declines to an alarming degree and the patient must be dependent on external insulin. This external insulin balances the flow of high level of glucose in the bloodstream. This type of diabetes is very hard to handle but an endocrinologist’s make sure to provide the best treatment.

Type 2 Diabetes

Unlike Type1, Type2 is not the result of an auto-immune attack. This type is much more common and the genetic factors play an important role in passing this from generation to generation. The main cause of the Type2 diabetes is insulin resistance and inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas. Insulin plays a very important role in balancing the glucose in the bloodstream. The basic function of insulin is to push glucose into the body cells and muscles. This stored glucose later serves as a body energy.

The body when suddenly stops accepting insulin signals, Type2 diabetes is the condition that occurs. It restricts the movement of glucose into the cells and it leads to a condition called as Insulin Resistance. It means the body is insulin resistant and the signal transferred by insulin to the tissues becomes ineffective. To combat this situation pancreas produces more insulin to balance the communication line. After putting so much effort, the pancreas loses its strength to produce an optimum quantity of insulin and the body catches the disease called Type2 diabetes.

What is Insulin Resistance or Pre-Diabetes

In type2 diabetes, Insulin resistance or Pre-diabetes condition usually lies. In this condition, the glucose level is not high enough to be termed as full-blown diabetes.  Many consider it as a borderline to diabetes and an immediate effect is needed to take to control the situation. This body later will be declared as Type2 Diabetic anytime.

Endocrinologists suggest bringing some positive change in lifestyle when diagnosed with the pre-diabetic condition. Right time appointments with specialists never allow the pre-diabetic condition ever to cross the border and develop fully.

High blood glucose level forces body to have numerous other conditions like heart disease, blood pressure, kidney problems, eye problems and many other medical conditions are possibly the result of any of the diabetes types.

Do you know Diabetes and Obesity link to each other? Check Out HOW?

Obesity is a major contributor to this disease. It plays a very crucial role though it is not the sole reason to catch. Researches have shown that a body with BMI more than 30 is 80 times more susceptible to invite. When we closely analyse the whole situation it is more appropriate to say that it is not the body weight but the kind of fat that affects diabetes. The area of fat accumulation also contributes to this disease.

Body fat can be classified into types-

  1. i) The visceral type is found around the belly area and internal organs also called love handles.
  2. ii) The subcutaneous type that is stored beneath the skin and covers the whole body.

Visceral fat is more dangerous and hard to lose too. Both types of fat stores near the belly region and directly affect the functioning of the insulin. Fat cells reduce the absorption of glucose into the body cells and the level of glucose in the body remains high.

Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Obesity and insulin resistance have a higher degree of connection as the results prove so.

To stay away from this deadly disease continuous check on weight is very necessary. If a body is going through this health problem, then proper care is the key to winning-Diabetes. It is imperative to add a healthy lifestyle and proper checks on the diet to maintain a happy and blissful life.

Stay active and stay healthy under the guidance of endocrinologists.